My little boy – In my Gown shop

my little one

My little one can has learnt to walk. I sometime bring him to my shop where he gets to see what I do everyday. Being a mother is an experience every women should go through. Its joyful, difficult, painful then joyful again and it repeats. I am blessed. Last year I got less time to devote to my work so I picked up selected orders – mostly overseas with long delivery timelines. I am back to work now and the season has been good.

I am happy to bring new modifications to my design. Few of my clients enlightened me on the unique choice of lace I am using which are not available with other designers in Manila. One of a kind lace gives my client the feeling of owning and wearing a unique creation – exactly the reason I opened up this business. There are a few designers – specially in Quezon and Manila area who also do custom made designs but their laces are different from me. Almost all of my laces are sourced from overseas.

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