Beads design on wedding dress

Julie Chavenia Wedding Dress - Maureen Reeca Cruz Haute Couture - Philippines Gown (1)

Beadworks: Another of my work I would like to look and re-look at

Here is another of my work and I hope you would like it. I am personally in love with it and I can’t take my eyes off it. I would glance at these pictures again and again.
As one size doesn’t fit all, as a designer I need to address to my clients requirement and in many cases they are not alike. A lot of them would like to keep their wedding dress simple by not adding any form of embellishment on their bridal gown but a few wouldn’t wear a dress without it. Some of them are so curious or should I say concern that they would visit my shop just to see how the beads are getting placed and the overall look is coming around.
To create a unique gown for Julie Chavenia I bought this lace from Mumbai, India; when I was visiting one of my super talented photographer friend and his creative wife. One who has been to Divisoria, here in The Philippines, can imagine how it would be to go around Mumbai – one of India’s densely populated places. But if you haven’t been there and are not averse to seeing lots and lots of people – I recommend you at least one visit. As for me, I like the city more every time I happen to be there. Well coming back to our beadwork – I loved the pattern when I saw it, it felt even nicer on my hands. This lace was very beautifully done with metallic embroidery and crystal beads stitched over it. I decided to make an intricate design using this lace by combining it with different cut of gem stone and crystal beads. Now this kind of pattern creation is quite challenging for me because my forte is more on shabby chic style. But if you know how to combine the right lace and right beads it will give you a masterpiece. I am quite happy with this outcome and here is it for you to judge.

Julie Chavenia Wedding Dress - Maureen Reeca Cruz Haute Couture - Philippines Gown

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