Bead-work on your dream bridal dress

Beadwork wedding dresses

Beadwork: Essential to creating a modern trendy Wedding Dresses

Beadwork is becoming more and more common and most of my clients are requesting beadwork to be done both in front and back of their wedding dress. There are queries where a bride would want to add beadwork to the same gown her mother wore 25 year ago and reuse it today, although its a complicated work considering the condition of fabric but I want to emphasis on the growing trend of beadwork. It does add to their budget but enhances the beauty of the bride and makes her gown memorable.

In an evening wedding a glittering beadwork would enhance the outlook of a bridal gown, shining halogen and camera flash would make the bride a shining queen. It’s an even good idea to consider having beadwork on your gown if you are thinking of an evening wedding or an evening reception where you will wear the same gown.

Each bride has her own priority, some would want a gown wearing which they can jump 3 feet in the air whereas others could opt for a trail that is 20 feet long and 200 years of fabric wrapped around them. Its an individual choice and one should get what she like. Likewise beadwork can also vary from being minor to very intricate.

I am posting here one of the many gowns beaded in both front and back at our boutique for a bride in The Philippines.

Maureen Reeca Cruz - Bead work (2)

Maureen Reeca Cruz - Bead work (1)

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