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Maureen Reeca Cruz - About Me

Maureen Reeca Cruz Haute Couture is a made to order bridal store intended to make every bride look beautiful on the day of her dreams. All gowns are designed by Maureen Reeca Cruz an award winning designer from The Philippines. She believes that a beautiful dress has to be well conceptualized as per the body type, face look and comfort of a bride.

Past Works and Recognition

Maureen had a keen interest towards fashion and art since her childhood. She has started to work in fashion industry right after her studies at Slim’s Fashion and Art School. Her first recognition came when she participated with more than 3000 other teenage designers coming from all over the Philippines and came first in the Hello Kitty dress design competition.

The very first assignment she took over was to design gowns for David’s Bridal store. She worked as one of the lead designer who would spend time creating the next big trend in wedding industry through David’s Bridal. After few years of working there Maureen, a proud Filipina, who always wanted Filipinos to work for themselves and develop local industries than to follow outside trends and depend on the offerings of western world, started her own wedding gowns store. If the people abroad liked her work she was confident that people at home would love it as well. She left the job and started her own shop under the name Maureen Reeca Cruz Haute Couture.

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